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"Unveil your forever tale frame by frame with our cinematic wedding motion posters."

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Wedding Invites & Motion Posters

At Doodle Masala, we go beyond traditional designs, infusing creativity, and personalized touches that resonate with the couple's unique journey. Whether it's the elegance of a wedding invite or the enchantment of a motion poster, our designs keenly capture the essence of the occasion, making every invite a prelude to an extraordinary experience.


T & I Wedding Custom Wedding invite Design - Framed Caricature, Motion Poster.

We've designed a one-of-a-kind motion poster for Indhu & Thyanesh, infusing it with a touch of elegance through minimalistic elements. After carefully constructing each animation frame, we embarked on creating the perfect wedding motion poster invites. We enhanced the motions using 2D force elements to add emphasis and dynamism.


The AV wedding Motion Poster Design - Caricature, Cinematic Motion Graphics

We've created the cinematic motion poster for Akash and Manu, incorporating numerous thoughtful elements such as simulating carnival confetti and other simulations. After meticulously crafting each animation frame, we proceeded to compose the ultimate cinematic motion poster using After Effects, enriching it with a multitude of 2.5D elements. Don't hesitate to reach out to Doodle Masala. Allow us to craft your ideal wedding invitations.

Doodle Masala wedding invites design


banner wedding invites.
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