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"Where creativity dances and colors comes alive, our animation design sparks a world of wonder."

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Animation Design

At Doodle Masala, animation design is more than just creating movement on the screen; it's a form of storytelling that we approach with unparalleled passion and precision. We understand the power of animation in conveying emotions, engaging audiences, and leaving a lasting impact. From concept development to the final execution, our animation design process is a harmonious blend of creativity and strategy. We carefully choose animation styles, colors, and visual elements that align seamlessly with the brand's identity, ensuring that every frame resonates with the intended audience.

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Money Heist Intro Animation - CG Remake with Care group of Institutions

Care College Elevation 3D by Doodle Masala
Care College Elevation 3D by Doodle Masala

As a passionate movie lover, we were always intrigued by the latest cinematic techniques that gave rise to the hugely acclaimed Netflix series 'Money Heist.' Feeling nostalgic about our college days, we decided to blend our love for cinema and architecture into a single artistic creation – a CG-generated 3D Intro animation. The Process: The creative process involved a lot of research, using photo references, plans, sections, and elevations to recreate the vast campus space accurately. Since our expertise at Doodle Masala lies in architecture, converting these references into a visual medium became relatively easier. We wanted to ensure the authenticity of the space, so we reached out to current students and alumni, requesting them to share their photo references. Surprisingly, we received an overwhelming response, with around 300 images capturing various places on the college campus. We were grateful for this immense support, as each person's unique perspective and memories added depth to our project. Over the hardwork of 30 days filled with sleepless nights, we meticulously crafted the space, perfecting the proportions through numerous sketches, drawings, and 3D texturing. Finally, in 2020, we accomplished our goal – creating the first-ever fan-made tribute for the 'Money Heist' intro animation.

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SPADE 616 Days of Mentorship - Personal Project.

Doodle Masala, in a remarkable display of gratitude for the invaluable service of knowledge sharing through 616 days of mentorship at a Deemed university, embarked on creating a mesmerizing 3D motion poster animation. This endeavor involved extensive research, development, surveys, and space documentation to craft an immersive and engaging experience for the audience. To achieve a high level of realism and accuracy, over 500 photo references were collected with the help of volunteers, ensuring meticulous attention to texture and detail.

616 days storyboard seqence


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