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Studio Doodle Masala

Doodle Masala is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded and run by an architect-cum-artist Meenakshi sundar Ravichandran with a passion for visual storytelling, With a love for films, TV series, and a deep sense of nostalgia, embarked on a creative journey to merge our Design expertise with our admiration for visual content. What emerged was a unique venture that celebrates people favorite movies and TV shows through the creation of minimalist pop art.


How we Work?

At Doodle Masala, we bring together our background in Design and their artistic sensibilities to produce captivating and distinctive artwork. Their minimalist pop art style captures the essence of beloved films and TV series in a visually engaging and nostalgic manner. By distilling complex narratives into simple yet evocative designs, Doodle Masala creates a visual language that resonates with fans and enthusiasts alike.

Beyond our love for film and television, Doodle Masala's creative studio extends its expertise to various other artistic endeavors. With a multidisciplinary approach, they explore different mediums, including illustration, graphic design, and mixed media, to bring their unique vision to life.


01 Branding

At Doodle Masala, we specialize in crafting unique Graphic designs that make brands shine. By deeply understanding each brand's niche and audience, we create attention-grabbing designs that fuels business growth.

03 Film/ Motion

Mesmerizing film & motion Design that captivate and connect. Elevate your brand and storytelling with our dynamic designs, sparking emotion and leaving a delightful impact on your audience.

05 Production Design

Expert Production design for captivating game assets that transcend pixels. From characters to environments, we craft immersive elements that elevate Visual experiences.

02 Visual Design

Elevate your Vision with Doodle Masala's exceptional visual design services. we craft visuals that tell your unique story.  Let us transform your vision into a visual masterpieces in UI.

04 Animation 2D/ 3D

 Animation as storytelling, blending passion and precision. Emotions conveyed with viewers engagement. From concept to execution, our strategic animation design embodies both 2D & 3D workflows.

06 Art & Architecture

Apart from Art we are in to Space makings, Capturing timeless senses in architectural artistry. Infusing aesthetics with architecture for harmonious living spaces and Artistic Interiors.


Ar Sundar R yadhav

Sundar R yadhav aka Meenakshi sundar - Creative Head

"At the helm of our studio is our Cinephile Creative Head, who not only leads but also actively engages as a hands-on strategist with an unwavering commitment to details. With an extensive background spanning 7 years, he has navigated diverse design requirements for clients across realms such as Art, Architecture, and Creative Production Design. His expertise extends to orchestrating intricate creative resolutions on a large scale. Moreover, he extends his wisdom to the aspiring minds of design institutions like Hindustan & SRM University, shaping and inspiring the next generation of creative talents."


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